Thursday, December 11, 2014

2015? Almost!

As I resurrect this blog, I realize I have a lot to update so here's the recap for the last couple years!

2013 was the year of the runner (well, it started in 2012.)  I was running lots, loving it & bam, tore my calf in April (about 5 weeks out from a 15 mile race! So instant rest.  I started TRX classes then which was awesome.  Crosstrained, healed & went on to run the Chicago Marathon, Monster Half (2 weeks later..PR'd) & a month after than the Turkey Trot Half.  Fully healed, boom!

2014 became the year of the weights once again.  I started with a 3 day/week circuit program & got the serious itch to move a LOT of weight around.  Joined Team Best Fit Body in June & have been with them ever since.  I recently switched from the Lifestyle program to Contest Prep (hence the resurfacing of the blog) & will be competing next year.

2015 will be the big return to the figure stage.  SO excited & fired up to see what I can bring.

Show dates?  April 4th (Mid-Illinois) & May 16 (Grand Prix Natural.)  The Grand Prix was actually my first show back in 2008 when I competed!!

That's the rundown!  As always, feel free to ask if you have a burning question ;)

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