Monday, May 11, 2009

A brief overview.

My journey started around 2003 ago when I was pushing 300 pounds, unhappy (even though I convinced myself that I was) and in reality a walking time-bomb with my blood pressure. I was living in Las Vegas at that time and made the decision to hire a trainer & with her help started eating better as well as working out. It was Regina who got me headed down the right track. From there I went to the Body for Life program for continued motivation. Time passed & I found myself moving back to Indiana in 2003. I was still obese & as life continued on and with that I made little changes once again. I met my friend, Stephanie, who was running & doing Weight Watchers. I joined her in both activities and never looked back. Today, I sit here more than 100 pounds lighter.

Rewind to July 2006 when my Mom was going into the hospital for her second by-pass surgery. This time it was to be a quadruple. She never came home. My best friend died at the age of 55 from heart disease. It's hereditary & her Mom died at the age of 40 from the same fate. I promised my Dad as we sat waiting for her to pass that I would never allow myself to become unhealthy again. I became a bit obsessed with fitness at that time but eventually eased up to a more healthful plan. I myself have a history of a binge eating disorder that started when my brother died when I was 10 years old. Food was my comfort but when Mom died, I just did not eat. Neither option is healthy & I know that.

I've started working with Cathy Savage in June 2007. I went to Camp Savage Chicago & was very encouraged by what Cathy had to say. She told me that I could be on an NPC stage in the spring. I thought she was nuts but I knew it would be possible if I put my mind to it. I hit a speedbump in September when I just got off-track during a vacation prep plan.

Jump to Spring of 2008, I did compete in the 2 figure shows this spring. I had an incredible time & absolutely loved the stage! The prep wasnt too bad, the glitz of it all was too fun & the sense of accomplishment was something that I can never replace. The first show was great & then I had a 3 week period before the second. I had changed coaches between shows to work with someone more local. I learned some lessons there about what hardcore bodybuilding prep is like. Wow it's intense. I was much leaner for the second show but did not look good. I came in looking skinny. I actually refer to it as my "skeletor" look. Still had a great time though!

Once the shows were over, I took a week off from dieting of any sort & a week from the gym. It was great & it was nice to just do nothing for that week. I got back on the horse after than following the off-season plan from my coach.

This is where something went wrong. As I ate healthfully & trained as instructed, the weight began to creep on. Well, some gain was expected for the time being but not matter how well I ate or how spot on my training was, I continued to gain more & more. It was alarming to say the least.

In July, I worked to repair my damaged metabolism that happened as a result of the dieting for shows. It was extreme with the local coach. Though I'd love to compete again someday (I absolutely loved it) but it's likely permanent that I'm hanging up my hooker heels & blinged out suits.

So you may ask....what do I want to do? Well, I wanna rock (lol.) Nah, really I want to start running again which I've done.

I started with my best friend back in 2003 & was hooked. I've now completed the following:

2 full marathons
3 half marathons
1 10K (6.2 miles)
1 10 miler
Several other races at various distances.

Oh & I've done a triathlon as a team (did the running leg.)

I was training for a half marathon but had to back out as a result of hip pain.

I started working with Cathy Savage once again to try to diet off some of the post-show aftermath but it's seemlingly tough. The daily counting of macros seems to take a toll on me after a couple weeks but I'm loving the structured workouts again.

So if you've made it this far, you know that I've been through alot, had some triumphs & successes along with some sadness & heartache. But I always try to live each day with the knowlegdge that the world is mine for the taking!!!!!

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  1. Heather ~ I had no idea you ran half and full marathons! You rock, Sista!!!